Braid Hair Styles

Braid hair styles can be an easy and fun protective style to grow natural hair long. While I transitioned to natural hair individual braids were my main natural hair style.I do not wear individual braids much now but I still enjoy them when I have time to put them in because they allow me the freedom to leave my hair alone for weeks without styling.

If you choose to wear braids there are some important things to remember. While braids can be a great protective style they can also gone damage if not done properly.

  • Do not put braids in too tight, this can be particularly damaging to edges
  • If using extensions avoid using small parts and large amounts of weave, this can weight down your hair and cause hair loss
  • Moisturize you hair before braiding and continue to moisturize regularly to prevent breakage
  • Keep your scalp clean and lubricated with light oil
  • Use a satin scarf or pillow case at night to keep you braids from frizzing

Braid hair styles can be challenging because they can take more practice than some of the other styles. Unless you already know how to braid be patient with yourself when learning braid hair styles.

Individual Braids- without extensions

I enjoy these individual braids because I can wear them for as long as 6-8 weeks. I maintain them by putting them in big braids at night using and little leave-in and oil.I really like this style because it keeps my hair tangle free. This is not a protective style unless I put the ends up, but it is low manipulation.

Individual Braid video tutorial

Dinosaur Braid Hair Style

This quick and simple style combines large twists and a braid. Check out the tutorial below.

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