Vitamins for Hair Growth

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Healthy hair starts from the inside out.  If you want to grow long hair faster, vitamins for hair growth are essential.  While we should obtain most of our vitamins from the foods we eat, supplements can help ensure that you get all of the vitamins you need. I always get asked which hair, skin, and nail vitamin is the best.  There are so many options available.  Below is a comparison of 3 of the top rated hair, skin, and nail vitamins.

Hair Multivitamin Comparison

Solgar Skin Hair & Nails

$1160 pills
$1160 pills
  • Consumer rating 4 out of 5
  • Users report less breakage, thicker strands, less shedding, strong nails
  • Main ingredients- 1000 mg MSM & 50 mg Silica (no biotin)
  • Minimal Side effects- some report slight change in hair texture from MSM
  • Available online & in Vitamin Shopper Retailers
  • Best for users who cannot take vitamins with Biotin and respond well to MSM

Ultra Nourish Hair

$1460 pills
$1460 pills
  • Consumer rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Users report faster growth and stronger strands
  • Main ingredients- 1200 mcg Biotin, 500 mg MSM, Amino acid complex
  • Minimal Side effects- difficulty swallowing pills, some users report mild acne
  • Available online & in GNC retailers
  • Best overall vitamin including cost , effectiveness, and availability


$2560 pills
$2560 pills
  • Consumer rating 4 out of 5
  • Users report significant increase in growth
  • Main ingredients- 2500 mcg Biotin, contains a unique prioprietary blend
  • *Moderate to severe side effects- stomach pains, severe acne/break outs, several users report increased heart rate
  • Available online & in minimal small retail stores
  • Best for for users who are not sensitive to Biotin, most significant increase in growth but greatest side effects, recommended to start with a smaller dose



* Note- Some people (myself included) are very sensitive to large doses of biotin.  While biotin does increase hair growth please be aware of the possible side effects.  I recommend starting with a small dose of biotin or vitamins that contain biotin and slowly increasing to watch how you respond.  If you cannot take biotin, MSM is also proven to help with hair and nail growth.  I have had great results taking MSM.

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  1. I have been natural for four years now and I just don’t know what to do with my hair, I’ve been wearing braids

  2. Lynn says:

    What can you tell me about being sensitive to biotin. I have been taking it for two months and really have seen a change in my hair and not to the best. Do you think I should stop? I have some dryness and thinness going on. I have not been concern with my in three years. I have been natural for almost ten years except for about three years ago when my former hairdresser talked me into a texturizer and that was a bad mistake. Then I went to a Dominic salon and have been pleased for three years now. I started biotin, b12 and b complex about two months ago and don’t know if I just have over did it or what. Help

    • Dee says:

      It may be the heat from the Dominican salon. I used to go to one and loved my hair but it definitely thinned under her care.

  3. Veronica Gardner says:

    Does it have to be Solgar skin,hair and nail’s or could it be another brand

    • naturalhairgrowth101 says:

      These are the only brands I have reviewed at this point. I would suggest checking the ingredients to see if it has similar components and you may get similar results.

  4. Jessica Brown says:

    I have been natural for about 4 months. I am still learning my hair. The biggest problem that i am currently having is every time or every other time i comb my hair. I get a comb full of hair. Before combing i soak my hair in pink lotion and still getting the same result.

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