Ms Lala’s Musings & Natural Hair Meme’s

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Free to be natural

I hate to hear people say nappy hair needs to be trained, or tamed or forced to do anything but just be. Beautiful in all of its kinky glory, I don’t need to burn, chemically treat, or beat my hair into submission.  No longer enslaved physically or in thought,  I resist your attempts to force me to give in.  No amount of media hype will make me believe that this nest of nappiness is anything other than perfect.  Thank God for making me who I am, kinky coily hair and all.

Natural Hair Afro

Living life with no regrets

At the beginning 2013 I decided I wanted to live life on purpose.  I determined that I would follow my heart and live out the things I felt God calling me to do.  I left behind a full time job and personal ambitions to spend more time as a mother and in ministry as I felt God leading.  In 2014, I plan to pursue life on purpose even more fervently and with greater passion.  I have only one resolution for this year and each year thereafter- to live life fully and with no regrets.

Too often people get caught up in the day to day routine of life and lose passion for living. I am learning to be passionate even in my daily activities because I am thankful for the opportunity to live another day in pursuit of the purpose for which I was created.  I have determined to not take anything lightly from my morning shower to my night time prayers; I am driven by a renewed passion for life. I’m just enjoying being me….

Natural Hair

Enjoying the little things….

Nothing exciting is going on today.  I’m just grateful to have my health and a good hair day!  I’m just really feeling my twist out today and enjoying a nice evening at home with my lil baby. Take time today to find something that makes you smile no matter how small it is.

Lovin Natural Hair

Natural hair and professionalism

One question I often get is “What professional styles can I wear with my natural hair?”  My first thought is always, would you ask this about relaxed hair or hair that is naturally straight.  What in the world is unprofessional in the first place about wearing your hair in it’s natural kinky texture.  My natural hair as is, is professional.  Now I think we all need to find styles that look groomed and suitable for our workplace and position.  With that being said I think most natural styles can be worn in a professional manner.  I personally choose not to wear my hair in a large fro to work (I wore it when it was smaller) because it is distracting.  I have also read many articles that say big “sexy” hair can be inappropriate for a corporate setting no matter the texture.  To play it safe I tend to stick with updos and ponytails for the work week. When my hair was shorter I rocked my fro to work without a thought and looked as professional as everyone else. I also wear braids and twists.  So please don’t avoid wearing your natural hair because you are afraid of being unprofessional.  If someone discriminates against you because of your hair that is a major problem and may  not be a place where you would want to work in the first place.  One thing I truly believe though it that until Black women start wearing their afro textured hair regularly in all settings it won’t be as acceptable, it is up to us to demonstrate the we can wear our natural hair and get the job done.

Professional Natural Hair

Going Through Storms

So I have been going through a really difficult time.  I just wanted to encourage myself and someone else who may be faced with challenges.  While I felt like this was just knocking me backward again I realize that these challenges have made me stronger and are moving me closer to my calling and purpose.

Going Through Storms

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