Nautral Hair Styles- Jumbo Twist Bun

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This is a super easy and quick style I do pretty regularly on my twisted natural hair. I can do this hair style in under an hour and it lasts me a week. Then I take the twists loose and wear a twist out.

Jumbo Twist Bun

Jumbo Twist Bun


1) Put your hair in loose jumbo twists. I do about 10-12 twists in my hair total. Be sure to part your twists based on what side you want your bun to hang/ be positioned.

2)Usually I twist my hair tight at the roots but not when I do this style. I like the roots kind of loose at the front so I can smooth the edges like in the picture.

3) Put your hair in a ponytail using an ouchless elastic band.

4) Pin the ends of the twist under using jumbo bobby pins.

5) Tie a scarf around the edges to smooth them down.

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