Natural Hair Pre-Shampoo Routine

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Like many ladies my  natural hair is prone to breakage.  I realized that rough handling and not prepping properly was causing my hair unnecessary damage. Adding a pre-shampoo (prepoo for short) routine to my natural hair regimen has made managing my hair easier and helped me grow my hair longer.

What is a prepoo?  A prepoo is basically when you condition your hair prior to shampooing. It can help prevent dryness and breakage.

What do you do when you prepoo?  Personally I apply conditioner to my natural hair and gently detangle it before I shampoo.  I do not shampoo my hair while it is extremely tangled or matted.

While this may seem like it adds time to you hair routine in the end it will save you time.  You spend less energy detangling your hair after you shampoo and you will have less breakage.

In this video I describe my pre-shampoo routine in detail.


Products I use to Prepoo

I like to use the conditioners below for my prepoo.  I used to use Lustrasilk cholesterol but have noticed my hair doesn’t respond to it well lately.

Tresemme Flawless Curls Conditioners, Tresemme Natural Conditioners, Suave Naturals Conditioners, & Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa

I like to add oils to my conditioner to help with detangling and shine.

Amla Oil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tip: If your hair is very tangled, allow the conditioner to sit for atleast 20 minutes under a plastic cap before combing.

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