Hair Growth Remedies

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Through out time people of various cultures used various natural hair growth remedies.  Several herbs and oils are known to stimulate growth, strengthen hair, and prevent breakage.  Hair growth remedies alone are NOT enough to grow long hair.  You still have to apply proper natural hair care techniques but they can definitely help create an environment in your body and on your scalp to produce maximum growth. I believe that these remedies can be integrated into a hair care routine based on an individuals needs. 


Amla Oil

Amla Oil for Hair Growth

Amla also called Indian Gooseberry is known for it’s many health properties.  High in Vitamin C content it is believed to be an excellent supplement for immune function.  In the proper form Amla can be taken as a dietary supplement, although I only have experience using it on my hair. 

Amla is used in hair products because it adds luster and shine to hair. It also deepens hair pigment (my hair is noticeably darker since when using Amla).  Amla has a strong scent that turns some people off from using it but if rinsed out properly the odor is not noticeable. Amla is also believed to promote hair growth and health.  There also some reports of amla stimulating growth after hair loss.

I use Dabur Amla Oil primarily and occasionally I use Hesh Amla Powder. I get the best results from adding it to my regular conditioner and then washing it out of my hair with shampoo or conditioner.  I add about 2 tbsp of the powder to my conditioner or about 1/3 cup of oil.

I have used other Indian herbs including henna.

In the video below I explain how I use amla in my prepoo.

Vinegar Has Been Used For Decades To Stop Hair Loss & Grow New Hair!

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed oil is one of my favorite natural hair growth remedies.  It is light weight, reasonably priced, and easy to find.  Grape seed oil is used as a carrier oil meaning it is often used to dilute essential oils. You may want to try adding tea tree oil or peppermint oil to your grape seed oil.

Grape seed oil is beneficial as a lubricant and conditioner for the scalp.  When applied to hair it helps to prevent breakage.  Grape seed oil works well for my scalp because I have sensitive skin and it is one of the few oils that does not cause my scalp or skin to break out or flare up with dandruff. I also use grape seed oil on my cuticles.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil


You can create great scalp massage oil by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to 2oz-3oz of grape seed oil.


Read about more natural hair growth remedies.


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  1. KIm says:

    What do you suggest to stretch the hair more to gain more length. Shrinkage is horrible!

    • naturalhairgrowth101 says:

      When I want to show more length I stretch my my hair using large braids or twists. Applying shea butter helps to stretch the hair more for me. If you follow me on youtube or here on my page you will see that all of the styles I wear are ones that are “stretched” meaning I don’t allow my hair to shrink up and this is to prevent breakage. It was fine when my hair was shorter.

  2. Tilly says:

    can i allow conditioner to seat over night,i use to use any product i lay my hands on buy I’ve now decided use dark and lovely product is that ok and should i dilute the shampoo.

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