Clean Scalp for Longer Hair

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A healthy clean scalp is the perfect environment for growing your hair longer faster.  Build up on the scalp and hair can directly impact your hair growth and ability to retain length.  While I enjoy using moisturizing shampoos and cowashing can leave the hair soft I STRONGLY encourage everyone to have a clarifying shampoo in their hair regimen that is used regularly.  A clarifying shampoo removes all of the excess oils and build up from the scalp and hair.  If you’re concerned about your hair being to dry you can prepoo before using the shampoo or dilute the shampoo.  My personal favorite clarifying shampoo is Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat.  If you primarily cowash I especially suggest that you use a clarifying shampoo every couple of months to rid your hair of build up.

If you do not want to use shampoo an alternative cleanser is Shikakai Powder.  It is easy to use, cleanses the scalp, and promotes growth.  You simply dilute the powder in water and pour it over the scalp.  ( I suggest this method as opposed to making a paste and sitting it on the scalp because this can be difficult to rinse out)

Here are a couple of other treatments for scalp cleansing and dealing with itchy dry scalp from some Youtubers I enjoy!

Tea Tree Oil Scrub

Itchy Scalp Tips

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (I personally do not like these for my hair but alot of people get great results)

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