Why I Don’t Use Braids to Grow My Hair

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Braids can be a protective style but if done improperly they can be more damaging then beneficial.  I personally did not use individual braids with extensions much at all on my hair growth journey. Watch the video above to find out why. Try these tips to keep your hair healthy while wearing braids

  1. Do not allow whoever does your braids to install them in too tightly.  If you can feel your scalp being pulled and they hurt, the braids are too tight.
  2. Try cornrows instead of small individual braids.
  3. Use human hair for your braids.
  4. Apply conditioner to your braids and allow it to soak through to your hair.
  5. Use a spray like a curl activator to moisturize your hair.
  6. Keep your scalp clean and moisturized.

Now that my hair is long I do wear braids that I do with my own hair.

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