The 3 M’s of Natural Hair Care

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Natural Hair Care and Growth Tips

Black hair can’t grow! I hear that statement regularly and it is absolutely false. People assume that I must be “mixed” because I have long hair natural hair. Well, women of ALL ethnic backgrounds have the potential to grow long healthy hair. I have taken the natural hair care tips that I learned over the years and grouped them into categories I call the 3M’s of Hair Care. Whether relaxed or natural, these tips will help you grow long hair.


Natural Hair Care Diagram the 3 M's

Simple 3 step method to hair growth


Often I read tips for black and natural hair care that are very complicated. The 3 M’s will help you have healthy long hair while keeping it simple.

Minimize Breakage

All hair grows!!!! I repeat ALL hair grows. Every individual’s growth rate varies but unless you have a medical condition that prevents growth, you hair is growing. While there are some slight variations in growth rate based on ethnic background, this difference is minor and is not a major part of the puzzle on how to grow long hair.The reason many black women do not have long healthy hair is due to BREAKAGE.

The average hair growth rate is about .5 inch a month (some people of course have a faster rate and others slower). If your hair is breaking almost as much each month than it will appear that your hair is not growing. Curl pattern and strand thickness often makes black hair more prone to breakage. Minimizing breakage requires GENTLE daily natural hair care. If you hair is breaking you may need to make changes in the methods you use for: shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, combing & brushing, drying and styling.

Maximize Growth

As mentioned above everyone has a rate at which their hair grows. Your growth rate is mostly a product of your genetics. However there are things that you can do to improve your natural hair growth.

Healthy hair comes from the inside out. Diet and exercise are key to growing healthy hair. There are also vitamins and supplements that can help improve your natural hair growth. If you are dealing with hair loss or extremely slow growth please consult your physician as this may indicate a medical condition.

Proper scalp care is the other key to getting maximum hair growth. A clean and healthy scalp will help you get the best natural hair growth rate. A scalp condition can slow your hair growth.

long natural hair in twists

Ms Lala’s Hair in twists

Maintain Progress

You may know someone who is able to handle their hair harshly- coloring, cutting frequently, rough styling etc… and their hair just seems to flourish no matter what. However this is not the case for many women, and definitely not for most black women in particular. While our hair may look strong it is truly quite fragile.

Relaxed and natural hair care requires ongoing maintenance.  Once you begin to get your hair healthy and reach the length of your goals you will have to do things to maintain your progress.  It has to become an ongoing cycle and this is how your hair will thrive.  Hair maintenance includes creating and revising a hair regimen, hair trimming, natural hair styling, and night time routine/care.

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  1. ChristaGraced says:

    Thank you so much Ms Lala for these great tips. Am currently 1yr natural and my goal is to grow it as long as possible.

    • naturalhairgrowth101 says:

      Great! Please check back because I’m starting a forum soon so people can ask their hair growth questions.

  2. alexandria says:


  3. Oyin says:

    Hey. I had the big chop in march but still ashamed to expose it. It’s growing normally and thicker but I still seem to have problems with the growth of my front hair. I’m so confused. I rub castor oil on my scalp almost everyday, treat it gently and I also wear a wig.

    • naturalhairgrowth101 says:

      Did you used to wear a lot of tight styles? If the area is really thin or practically bald it could be traction alopecia.

  4. Dineo says:

    i relaxed my hair,so i want it to be natural again,which product i can use to make my hair natual again

  5. Nikita Henderson says:

    Hi Ms. Lala. I’m So Glad I found your site& Thanks for your advice. I’m in the last stages of transitioning and I’m a total dummy on natural hair care/maintenance. You mentioned in the article about night time routine care. What care should be taken on @ night? The only thing that I do is use a hair bonnet& I’m sure that’s not enough. I had a huge problem with hair shedding, fragility, and breakage; but it has been minimized. I’ve got into the routine of weekly co-washing, deep treatment, and I’ve restarted protein treatments. Do you have any other advice that I should try?

    Nikita H.

    • naturalhairgrowth101 says:

      A bonnet or satin pillow case is great to use at night. Basically at night I avoid sleeping with loose hair. This is always when I moisturize my hair and put it in big braids or twists to avoid tangling.

  6. Mary says:

    Nice post. Very informative. Thanks for posting this article. Have a great day! 🙂

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