Natural Hair Styles -Two Strand Twist Side Updo

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Two Strand Twist Updo

Two Strand Twist Updo

This natural hair twist style can be done on medium length or long hair. It generally takes me about 1.5-2 hours from start to finish but it lasts a week or more.  (edited: on my currently length this style takes about 30 minutes longer)

1) Start with dry or slightly damp detangled hair.  I prefer dry natural hair. Take about 4-5 sections of natural hair and flat twist in a diagonal manner toward your preferred side. Secure the flat twists with bobby pins and or rubber bands. I personally prefer to use jumbo bobby pins to avoid pulling my hair.

2) Do large 2-strand twists with the remaining hair.  (If preferred you may flat twist the back upward.  You will need to use a mirror to make sure the parts are straight)

3) Pull the back of the hair upward and pin with jumbo bobby pins.

4) For curly ends, set with flexirods and setting lotion or gel if desired.

Back view

Back view

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