Natural Hair Styles- Twist pin up with cowrie shells

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This simple natural hair style can be done on medium length or long hair.

Twist pin up with cowrie shells

Twist pin up with cowrie shells

  1. Pull all twists to one side of the head, I used the right side
  2. Leave out 3-6 twists to serve as bangs on the preferred side.
  3. Roll hair inward as if to do a french roll or twist.
  4. Pin hair securely using bobby pins (I used large ones for thinner hair you may need to use small bobby pin)
  5. Attach cowrie shells using hair pins or other decorations of choice
  6. Optional- roll the ends of the twists left out in front using a flexirod and either gel or setting lotion. ( I used a 5 minute curl setting lotion)

This twist hair style will last me 3-4 days if I tie it up at night.

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