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Natural hair care mom

I really enjoy being a Mom.  I have a toddler and a new infant.  During the week I am busy homeschooling my toddler while balancing

my baby girl

my baby girl

household chores, caring for a new infant, and working part time on weekends.  Who has time for hair? With the addition of another child keeping my natural hair care super simple has become a priority over style. Several people have asked if I am going to perm or straighten my hair to make it easier, however now is one of those time that I am particularly grateful for my natural kinks.

For me my natural hair is easier right now than I remember my relaxed hair being.  My  natural hair is in braids that I did on my own using my natural hair. Here is a picture of me in the hospital the day after giving birth


Me and my baby girl!

Me and my baby girl!

Right now I plan to keep my  natural hair in braids for the next few months, maybe even the rest of the year.  With my hair in braids my hair tangles less and is extremely easy to manage.  In my quest to be a super mom I need super simple styling. My natural hair care routine is simple:

1) Moisturize and put my individual braids in 4 big braids at night, this helps maintain the “curly ” look and keeps my ends from tangling.

2) In the morning I undo the braids.  When I’m around the house I keep it in a ponytail or bunned.  On the weekends I typically where the braids with the ends loose.

3) I wash and condition my hair with the braids in.  This makes it so easy for me to get my scalp clean and has cut my time down on shampoo day to about an hour.

4) I redo my braids gradually, meaning I take down and rebraid a few braids at a time. I redo my braids while nursing the baby, once the kids are in bed, or even while sitting on the “John”. This way my hair is never completely undone.

I redo my braids in the front first to keep my hair look fresh

I redo my braids in the front first to maintain a “fresh” look to my natural hair style

So my focus right now is on being super mom, not perfect but the best I can be because that is the season I am in right now.  I still want to have healthy hair so I have adjusted my routine and you can do the same.  I will continue to post updates on the styles I am trying to keep my hair healthy while minimizing the time I spend on my hair.



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  1. Christabel says:

    Thank you so much MsLala. I practically do the same with my hair am also raising two toddlers.
    Your baby is so cute happy new tobyou and the family.

  2. Lucy says:

    Thanks Ms.L. What you say makes sense . Your hair looks great. I guess I don’t need to spend the $385.00 the Arab woman at organichairgrowth dot com is asking for her shampoo and hair growth kit, “What a nerve”. Yea, like I am a “MARK” She is nothing more than a hair stylist and I doubt if she is even licensed in my state. I tried calling one of the doctors she listed as one of her clients. Now WHY would you have a Doctor be your client? what a marketing Ploy. I will stick with you. Thanks so much for all your FREE tips and GOOD, SOUND ADVICE.

  3. Dyonteniece Rice says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been following you throughout the years and I always keep coming back to your website because you REALLY do keep it simple with your hair routine. Your hair is healthy, full and long and I need to simplify my hair care. Besides, I haven’t run into too many natural hair blogs where some tips are given on motherhood and taking care of natural hair while with a newborn baby (A+).

    Your braids are very pretty and I’ve never done braids using just my own hair; but I have done those 2 strand twists. Do you have a video or article as to how you installed your braids? Did you blow dry your hair first? How many weeks did you start installing your braids before delivery of your baby? I definitely want to try something different, and not entirely cling to adding hair to my own for it to be a protective style. I want to start learning how to “do” my hair.

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