My journey to long natural hair

In 2006 I got serious about my natural hair growth. I grew my hair out to BSL but was stuck there for several years. I tried coloring my own hair and it left me with damage so I had to cut it out- I maintained my natural hair at BSL while I cut out the color because I did not want to do another chop. I wore my hair in twists most of the time.

Above- the fat twists shown above was one of the main natural hair styles I wore in 2007-2008.

Below-My straightened natural hair in 2007. It was BSL (bra strap length) and looked pretty healthy but the combo of color and heat left me with breakage.

Below-This is my semi-straightened natural hair in January of 2008, it was flat ironed without blowdrying first. As you can see it is about the same length it was in 2007. Right after taking this picture I trimmed about 2 inches off.

By the end of 2008 the color was gone and I started inching toward waist length. I limited my heat use to 2-3x per year for length checks.

2009- Hair is healthy, free of color and heat damage. I was nearing waist length because my un-straightened hair was past BSL. I really started focusing on healthy hair instead of length.

Fat twists pinned up in one way or another was my main natural hair style for 2009 & 2010. I wore my hair loose often on the weekends in twist outs and would put it back up again during the week. This helped prevent hair breakage and keep my ends moisturized.

I decided to do a length check in the middle of 2010 and was excited to see that I had actually reach my original goal length of waist length (at my natural waist). Many times confuse hip length which is at the top of the pants with waist length. I don't know if I can handle hip length hair!

Length check pic 1- my hair was rather puffy so I straightened some sections to get a better idea of the true length.

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Length check 2- my puffy straight length check after a trim. The red line is at my natural waist, the black line is where I was considering setting my next goal length but I have decided its best to maintain my current length.

Hair Updates and Current Goals!!

Ok you all so I think I may try aiming for hip length natural hair again.  Now that my little one is sleeping through the night I can actually put more time into my hair again.  I still just am not sure whether more hair will feel like to much for me to maintain.  We'll see but I will keep you all posted. 

I recently straightened and trimmed my natural hair.  I have been maintaining at waist length for 3 years now.  The biggest change is that my top layer of hair is now longer and I have actually cut my bottom layer and sides so my hair won't look so bulky.

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