What is Hair Breakage

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For years I thought breakage was normal. I would look at my sink full of broken hair and assume that’s just what hair did. However it does not have to be that way. Scientists have conducted studies to figure out the specifics of hair. Although there is no known structural or chemical difference between afro textured or Black hair and other types, afro hair is known to be more prone to breakage. hair breakage photo

Natural hair deceptively looks tough. Hair that is highly textured and coily is more prone to dryness, tangles, and knots.I often notice how roughly women handle their natural hair but our hair is actually more prone to breakage. Some causes of the most common causes of breakage include: weakening of strands due to chemical use, hair not properly moisturized, poor combing and styling technique, and over use or improper use of heat.

How do I know my hair is breaking?

Shedding is normal breakage is not. While I recognize that it is practically impossible to completely get rid of breakage, if you have a sink or comb full of broken hairs this is a problem and should not be the norm. Examine the hair in your comb or brush. If they are long (based on the length of your hair) and have white bulbs on the ends this is shed hair. If you notice shorter pieces of hair or lots of long hair with no bulb on the end then most likely your hair is breaking. You may also notice broken hair on your clothing or in the shower after washing. Begin paying more attention when styling your hair to determine if its breaking or shedding.

Honestly if your hair never seems to get any longer it is most likely due to breakage and not slow growth.  If your hair is breaking than you are unable to retain length and it will appear that your hair is growing slowly.


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