Protein Moisture Balance

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Understanding and paying attention to your hair elasticity is one of the major keys to stopping hair breakage. Elasticity is basically the hairs ability to stretch. Simply put hair that is dry and brittle breaks easily. Hair that is elastic and more flexible is less likely to break when being manipulated and this is what we want for your hair. Protein Moisture Balance is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining proper elasticity.  I first learned about protein moisture balance by reading a post on a hair board many years ago by Audrey Sivasothy.  I remember printing out and saving that post because it was so informative.  Well now Audrey  has very informative videos that go into the science of hair care.  Check this video out below that explains protein moisture balance.

elasticity testDo a quick test to tell what you need for your hair.

Stretch your hair between your fingers while wet (see diagram)


Balanced– Hair stretches slightly and returns to its original length without breaking

Needs moisture– Hair stretches very minimally and just snaps like a brittle twig when wet, when dry may feels rough and hard

Needs protein– Hair stretches like an elastic band and then breaks, when dry may feel mushy and limp



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