Braid Out

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The braid out can be a foundation for many natural hair styles.  The keep to having a good braid out is using products that help smooth the hair and making sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before taking the braids out.  The smaller and tighter the braids are the tighter your crinkles will be.

1) Start w/detangled hair. Lightly dampen hair with water and apply leave in conditionerI personally like Kinky Curly Leave In and Giovanni.  See my product list.

2)  Use the oil of your choice on top of the leave in.  I like Olive oil and Safflower Oil.

3) Put your hair into tight braids. I do about 10-12 braids but it will depend on the length and thickness of your hair.

4) Allow your hair to dry.  To speed up this process use a hooded dryer.

5) Carefully undo the braids.


natural hair braid outMy braid out has become one of my personal favorite styles.  It keeps my hair stretched and by braiding it at night it stays moisturized.



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