Twist Out

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twist out

Twist out on med length hair

For a twist out I pretty much follow similar steps as for a braid out.  I find that a twist out gives me a more “natural” looking curl pattern because it is less crinkly than a braid out and looks more like curls.

1)  Start with slightly damp hair that has been detangled.  For a less defined look you can start w/dry hair.  Apply the leave-in conditioner of your choice.  I personally like Kinky Curly Leave-in or Rusk Brilliance for my twist outs.

2) Use a light oil (not grease) on top of the leave-in.  I prefer to use Olive or Safflower Oils.

3)  For more hold particularly if you hair is fine you may apply gel like Ecostyler or Aloe.  I sometime use shea butter for a lighter hold.  I do not recommend butters for very fine hair though as it can weight it down too much.

5) Put hair in a minimum of 15 twists.  The more twists the tighter the curls.  I usually do around 20-30.

6) Allow the twists to dry completely.  You may sit under a dryer to speed up this process.

7) Carefully undo the twists.  For a fuller look you can separate the sections of the twist out.

8) Retwist at night  into about 7 or 8 twists for maintenance.


Twist out

Twist Out on Dry Hair

Twist out on Damp Hair

Twist out on Damp Hair

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