Side Twist Bun / Updo

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I wear this natural updo hair style quite frequently in the summer. It is super quick and it will usually last a week. I do this style on hair that has been stretched out by braiding or blowdrying. This style is great for natural hair growth because it requires little

Side updo Loose ends

Side updo Loose ends

manipulation once it is done, I can tie it up at night and leave it alone.To make this style protective I bun the ends. I usually wear it in a twisted bun during the work week  and let the ends loose for the weekend.

All you need for this style are jumbo bobby pins and ouchless pony tail holders.  Since my hair is thick I started using headbands in place of pony tail holders.


Watch my video tutorial here.

Side updo bunned ends

Side updo bunned ends

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