Shampoo for Natural Hair

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Types of shampoo for natural hair:

Conditioning/Moisturizing– designed to cleanse the hair and return moisture to it to help prevent damage

Clarifying– removes build up from the hair, not recommended for regular use unless heavy products are being used that need to be removed

Balancing– helps smooth cuticle of the hair, if hair seems porous this type of poo can be helpful

It is important not to shampoo natural hair to the point that it feels stripped.  Kinkier textures of hair naturally tend to be dryer.  When it is stripped of all oils this only makes it more difficult to manage.

Not sure what shampoo to try? Click here for product recommendations!


If shampooing is not working for your natural hair you may want to try conditioner washing for a more gentle cleansing method.

My video on washing natural hair

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