Quentin Moore Natural Sista

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Quentin Moore

Soul Singer Q. Moore

The words sultry, soulful, and versatile come to mind when I think of Quentin Moore.  An artist who can’t be put into a box, Quentin bridges a gap between old and new school.  When I first heard Quentin Moore’s music I was immediately hooked. He writes, sings, produces, and plays multiple instruments.  I was thoroughly excited when he agreed to do an interview with me about his new song Natural Sista.

On your website I notice that you do a little bit of everything (write, produce, sing, etc…). How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Well, I often describe myself as [taking] elements from all of my talents and turning it into one big production. I may not be the best Drummer or Guitar player when you single me out, but when I have the finished product I think you will understand what Im trying to say! Also, I would say that I am rare in a sense. Most artists of today don’t play instruments or write their own songs anymore. I hope to change that with my brand of Soul music.

I’m sure you hear this all of the time but your music has an old school feel to it, who are some of your influences?

Yes I am 30 with the musical mind of a 70 year old! You can credit part of that to my dad who is 77 yrs old! (Quentin laughs) I LOVE Old School Music! Some of my biggest influences from that era of music are Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Sam Cooke,  Earth Wind and Fire, Isley Bros, William DeVaughn, Isaac Hayes and the list could go on and on! 
I love old school too and  you can really here the influence on your new single Natural Sista.  As a natural myself I appreciated the love.  What was your inspiration for the song?

Well I have always been a LOVER of Natural Hair on Women. The song inspiration was spurred by the situation surrounding Meteorologist Rhonda Lee. She was fired for responding to a viewer who criticized her Natural Hair. The final [straw] was seeing negative posts all over social media about women with natural hair. I’d had enough! The song was very easy to write because its something thats always been in my heart. The first verse started with me complimenting a woman on her beautiful natural hair. I would actually do that in real life! I would just go up a to a woman tell her that her hair was beautiful and THATS IT! No pickup lines or asking for the digits!  That’s how much I love natural hair! 


Now I know you say that you like natural hair but many naturals have told me that men approach them more when their hair is straightened.  Do you feel most men are more attracted to straight hair?

I honestly do see more men that are attracted to “Straight Hair”. Its sad to me, because its just the way we have been socialized in society. Its almost like a self-hate mechanism has been placed inside of some of these “Haters”. I really hope that will change! …And I believe it actually will.

Okay so with that in mind do you have any encouraging words for my natural readers?

Keep rocking the real you sistas! Be proud and thankful for what God blessed you with! Share it with the world relentlessly!

I love supporting independent artists. How can we check out your music if we want to hear more? 

You can find ALL OF ME at www.Qmooremusic.com or follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @Qmooremusic or “Quentin Moore” on Facebook.  Also please Join my email list on my website for updates on my music! Look out for my album “You Forgot Your Heart” coming out this Summer!

We definitely will look out for that album.  Ladies this is “baby makin’ music” if you know what I mean.  So check it out and enjoy a nice evening with the love in your life.

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