Maintain Progress

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Maintain Progress is the last of the 3 M’s of Hair Care.  If you are starting from this point I suggest you atleast go back and review this article to get an idea about the first 2 stages.  In this phase it is assumed that you have your hair breakage under control and you also know how to maximize your hair growth.  Now all you need to do is maintain the progress you’ve gained.  Maintenance is ongoing.  Once you make progress you have to continue to reassess your hair and keep taking steps to keep it healthy or you can see regression.  It would be horrible to spend months making progress only to lose it all because you get lazy or think you don’t have to take care or your hair any more.  As you work through the articles and information I suggest you:

1) Work through each of the articles and bookmark those most relevant to you bighairlovecollage

2) Keep track of your progress and make note of what is and is not working for your hair

3) Make minimal adjustments in this phase, obviously what you were doing has worked if you are seeing progress

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Maintenance Techniques and Tips

 Product Recommendations

Tools: Tweezerman Stainless Sheers, Satin Pillow Case, Hooded Dryer,   

Jumbo bobby pins, hair clips, conditioning cap, Turbie Twist Microfiber Towel

Products: Silk FX Heat Protectant, EcoStyler Gel, Setting Lotion

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