Twist Hair Styles

Once you learn how to twist hair there are so many natural hair styles that you can do. There are sooooo many ways to style two strand twists making it an easy way to care for natural hair. This is one reason that twists are one of my favorites natural hair styles. All of the instructions for the styles assume that your hair is already twisted. Here are some of my favorite twist hair styles for natural hair.

Twist pin up with cowrie shells

This simple natural hair style can be done on medium length or long hair.

  1. Pull all twists to one side of the head, I used the right side
  2. Leave out 3-6 twists to serve as bangs on the preferred side.
  3. Roll hair inward as if to do a french roll or twist.
  4. Pin hair securely using bobby pins (I used large ones for thinner hair you may need to use small bobby pin)
  5. Attach cowrie shells using hair pins or other decorations of choice
  6. Optional- roll the ends of the twists left out in front using a flexirod and either gel or setting lotion. ( I used a 5 minute curl setting lotion)

This twist hair style will last me 3-4 days if I tie it up at night.

Large twists pinned to the side

This twist hair style can be done on short, medium, or long natural hair. I actually think it looks best on shorter to medium natural hair because the twists kind of stick out instead of hanging to the side.

1) Grab a section of hair in the front to include about 5 twists. Fold the hair down flat toward the scalp and pin securely using 2-3 bobby pins.

2) Repeat 2 more times, once at the center of the head and again at the back

This only takes me about 5 minutes to do. I have to re-pin this style daily because it doesn't tend to last through the night.

Flexirod set twists

This style can be done on short,medium, or long natural twisted hair. This style probably works best on mini to medium sized two strand twists. You will have to vary the rod size used based on the length of hair. In this picture I used medium sized orange flexirods.

1) Take a section of hair about the width of 3 fingers and lightly dampen it (I used a spray bottle).

2) Apply the setting lotion of your choice. A light gel will work as well.

3) Roll the twists down the full length of the flexirod in a spiral fashion. Repeat until all hair has been set on flexirods.

4) Allow the flexirod set to dry fully and remove carefully. You can sit under the dryer or leave the rods in overnight.

5) Apply an oil, like olive oil for shine. Do not pull apart the twists too much as you apply the oil or the curls may fall.

This style usually last me several days because I enjoy the look of my twists as the curls start to fall.

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