Fired for Natural Hair – Rhonda Lee Gets New Position

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Rhonda Lee

Rhonda Lee


Do you remember Rhonda Lee?  She is the news anchor with natural hair who made headlines in 2012 after being fired from her job due her natural hair.  Rhonda Lee stood up for naturals every where by refusing to conform to her stations demands and instead chose to maintain and defend her natural afro textured hair.  Well it seems that her talent has spoken for itself.  Rhonda Lee was recently approached by several stations and has now been offered a position in Colorado.

I  am so thankful to Rhonda Lee and other Black women with natural hair who stand up for our rights.  Women like this pave the way for us to continue to freely wear our natural hair, no matter what our job or position.  Congratulations to you Rhonda Lee!  We wish you the best in your new meteorology position.

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  1. Robin says:

    Ms LaLa,

    I LOVE your website! I just went “natural” this past Saturday. I’ve had a perm in my hair since I was 16, now 42. I have been wanting to change my hair since the mid ’90’s. I decided this past Saturday to go for and cut all my permed/damaged hair off for good. I have 10+ weeks worth of new growth. I’m a little insecure about going outside, just yet because I’m use to having permed hair.

    Now on to this story, she wasn’t fired because of her natural hair, she was fired because she broke protocol when she responded to other people, possibly blacks writing negative comments about her hair(like they did the gymnast Gabby Douglas). The network told her not to respond, but apparently the comments became too much for her and she responded to the negative viewer(s). If she hadn’t made comments to the negative viewers and the network had fired her, then she could sue for discrimination.


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