Natural Hair Styles

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So you want to learn natural hair styles? Let me start by saying that it can be as easy or as complicated as you choose to make it. Before you jump into styling I have a few recommendations.

  • If you are new to being natural take some time to get to know your texture. Natural hair styles require some different techniques than straight styling.
  • Become comfortable with the look of your hair. If you are trying to get your hair to do something it’s not made to do you will give up. I have kinky afro type 4 natural hair so I do not spend my time trying to make it look like silky curls, I work with what I have. Natural Hair Style Afro
  • Invest the help of a natural friend who knows about styling or a hair stylist to get you through as you are learning. There is nothing wrong with getting help and it may benefit you in the end.
  • Be ready to make mistakes. Your hair will not always turn out as planned. I always have a wig, head wrap, or ponytail holder on hand when I am trying out a new style. Personally I like to try new styles on the weekend so if I mess up I don’t have to go to work that way.
  • Patience is key! Be patient with yourself as you are learning and be patient with your hair. Remember that there is nothing wrong with your hair or it’s texture. You as the self stylist have to learn to work with your hair, not the other way around.

Okay let’s get started. I think every natural needs to know how to do at least 3 different natural hair styles. That way even if you choose to go to a hair stylist there are enough styles you can do on your own to get you through the week.

Check out my style tutorials and choose the style that is right for you!

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