Twist out with flat twists

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This is a really simple hair style once you master doing a twist out with your natural hair.

1) Follow the steps for doing a twist out.  You can do a braid out if you prefer also.

Twist out with flat twists

Twist out with Flat Twists

2)  Choose which side you would prefer to have the flat twists on.  Make medium size part using a comb.  Hold you parts using metal clips.

3)  Use a small amount of gel and carefully flat twist the section of hair.  I prefer to do single strand flat twists.  Secure the hair with a bobby pin.  Repeat.  ( I do about 3-5 flat twists depending on the look I want)

5) Tie your hair up at night to maintain and retwist the loose portion in 4 or 5 large twists.


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