Budget Natural Hair Care

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Natural hair care products can be expensive!  Particularly if you are newly natural, experimenting with new products can become costly.  But don’t be discouraged, you can have long healthy natural hair without spending a ton of money.  I think it is possible to have healthy hair and average as little as $5 per month on products.  Now to be honest my current budget is about $20 and this includes hair accessories I need like headbands, ponytail holders, rollers etc… I’m going to show you how to have healthy hair on ANY budget.  So whether you’re a college student, stay at home mom, or just cost conscious natural hair care can be affordable.

In the video below I describe several hair products that can be purchased for $5 or less that work well on my natural hair.  Having a good hair care routine does not mean spending tons of money.  Also be sure to regularly check the Deals of the Week where I post sales on various hair products and tools.  Most of the products I share in the video can be found at your local beauty supply store but if you prefer to shop online like many several of them can be purchased at Amazon.com.




10 Natural Hair Care Shopping Tips

1) If you are transitioning or newly natural DO NOT toss your old products.  It is possible that what worked on your relaxed hair may work on your natural hair as well.  I mistakenly got rid of products when I did my BC and ended up discovering that my natural hair liked some of the same products. 

2) Please do not jump on every hair “band wagon”.  By this I mean do not run out and try every new thing that someone suggests to you.   I learned the hard way that this often leads to damage and empty pockets.  It is great to read product reviews and get feedback, however every week there will be something new that people recommend and you do not have to give in and purchase the product.

3)  Stick to what works for you!  If you find products that work do not give in to thinking there must be something better, keep using the natural hair products that work. It is important to develop consistency in your routine to grow long healthy hair.  This will also help your pockets.

4) Become a mixologist.  If there is a hair care product you tried & disliked try mixing it with something else or using it for a purpose other than originally intended. There are several conditioners I have purchased that I did not like but once I added oil, a butter, or mixed it with another conditioner it worked great on my natural hair.

5) Try product swapping.  Instead of buying every natural hair care product you want to try, swap with someone else.  You can do this by meeting other naturals on hair forums, message boards, or even those in your local area.  I have actually discovered some of my favorite products by trading with other naturals.

6) Stock up at sales!!! This is how I manage to stay on a budget.  Now that I know what my hair likes I stock up on products at sales.  This will require you to plan so you can have the funds on hand to buy the items but is really saves money.  Most online retailers have sales around the holidays.   Carol’s Daughter often has great sales online.

7) Check clearance bins at drugstores and grocery stores.  Shop at discount stores like Marshall’s and Ross.  I have found salon quality products for 50% off retail at some of these places.

8) Be a minimalist.  Create a list of items you need and resist impulse buying.  To determine you hair needs check out the section on analyzing your hair. My personal hair must have’s are shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, leave in and oil.  I don’t really NEED much else to have healthy hair.

9) Request free samples from makers of the product or purchase the sample/travel size.  Some hair care companies will send you small samples if you pay the shipping cost.

10) Generate extra income to cover your beauty costs (if time allows).  I do some freelance writing, mystery shopping and other things I enjoy to help pay for hair and beauty items that I may want to splurge on. 

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