MSM for Hair Growth

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If you’re trying to grow longer hair faster or prevent hair loss you may be considering hair vitamins or a supplement.  While you should not rely on supplements to reach your goals, they can be beneficial to helping you reach your hair growth goal faster.  One that I personally like is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane).  Simply put MSM is a form of sulfur that occurs in most plants and animals. MSM is known for improving hair growth rate.

How to take MSM *

Most professionals recommend taking about 1500 mg of MSM a day but I have known some people to take higher doses without side effects. MSM is available in capsules, powered, and liquid forms.

    1. Start by taking 500 mg to 1000 mg of MSM
    2. Gradually add more doses & notice how your body responds, I never took more than 3000 mg
    3. MSM is available in higher doses once you are comfortable taking it

I started out taking MSM with glucosamine for my joints but realized that it was positively impacting my hair.  I found that my hair at the roots appeared shinier and stronger.  I also noticed less shedding.

lengthBenefits of MSM for hair growth

  • reduce hair loss
  • increased production of hair cells
  • stronger hair strands
  • faster hair growth
  • reduce hair breakage
  • thicker hair


*If you are pregnant, nursing or taking other medications or supplements please consults a physician.  These tips do not take the place of consult with a medical professional.













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